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Brenda and Tammy in one of their stores

Brenda and Tammy displaying their quilts.

Fun and Easy Patterns for Every Month of the Year

The story of our Pie Plate Friendship ...

Tammy and her family moved to Fountain Green shortly after they graduated from school. To welcome them into the neighborhood where Brenda has raised her large family, she brought them a pie plate full of delicious cinnamon rolls. Tammy returned the pie plate to Brenda filled with a fresh peach pie.

The story then sweetens with each transaction of goodies and treats in the pie plate. About a year later, Brenda introduced Tammy to quilting. Tammy was hesitant at first to jump into another project due to her already busy schedule. Soon, however, she relented and fell head first into her newest favorite hobby.

Brenda and Tammy have been working together for several years teaching quilting classes and designing their own patterns. They officially started Pie Plate Patterns in January of 2006. We never would have guessed that our little pie plate could have made such a happy difference in our lives.